Advanced Audio Analytics

Advanced Audio Analysis are you ears just as video cameras are your eyes. Together they are a powerful tool to avoid incidents. From reactive to preventive and de-escalating.

It is quite often assumed that CCTV cameras will prevent incidents. Of course there is a certain preventive effect; however, with the amount of cameras increasing it becomes more and more difficult to permanently monitor simultaneous video streams. Advanced Audio Analysis provides a more efficient and effective use of CCTV and camera surveillance.

Advanced Audio Analytics

What we hear is a collection of patterns perfectly analyzed and recognized by our brains. Advanced Audio Analysis mimics the process of human hearing and recognizes sounds by using advanced algorithms. This goes far beyond traditional sound recognition, which is based on volume and time thresholds. Advanced Audio Analysis can identify specific sounds, such as aggression (stressed voice), breaking glass etc. out of a mix of ambient noises.  Even at a lower volume. 


The benefits

• Faster response
• Prevents escalation and potentially serious consequences
• Less missed incidents
• Employee will be alerted automatically
• More clients per employee
• Increased feeling of safety

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