We cooperate wth system integrators and resellers who are trained to implement our solution and can offer you advanced support. Your environment is in good hands and can function the way you want.

Sound Intelligence authorised dealers:

ATS Systems BV specializes in providing security concepts for both small businesses and individuals. Through the years the company has built up an excellent reputation of experienced and professionalised team of employees. In the field of knowledge and reliability, but also in the field of technical innovations and the ability, they think along with the customer. ATS systems is recognized NCP. This means that the quality of the applied steps, and the service to the highest level in the market may be counted. ATS is therefore synonymous with vigor in security.

CLB is manufacturer and supplier of its in-house developed, integrated communication system, unicare. This system connects all electronic equipment and sensors in a building by means of one IP or ISDN cable network, enabling all devices to communicate with each other. With their knowledge about the technology as well market specific requirements, we are specialised in tailor-made solutions, "They deliver technology with Care".

Optimum Development & Deployment Of Resources: We strive to grow our business in the security and safety industry by challenging traditional boundaries, seizing opportunities and setting the industry standard.

Product/ Service Differentiation: We are committed to providing well-differentiated products and services of superior value in the security industry and related services.
Sound Environmental Practices: We respect the community an adopt a proactive approach to our social and environmental responsibilities.


Driving Insights for Security and Marketing

Intelliscape is unique organisation which utilises various Security and Marketing technologies to derive insights about People and Vehicles.

NICE Systems
NICE Systems is the worldwide leader of intent-based solutions which analyses and reports interactions and transactions. They realise real time insights in impact of intentions.


NSR designs, implement , and supports advanced solutions that empower end users to operate and manage Smart Cities, Transportation Hubs, Emergency Response Centers, and more.

Russian Telecom Equipment Company
RTEC specializes in production and development of trusted telecommunications equipment and the creation of complex security systems. The company adapts technologies of worldwide IT leaders to Russian market requirements. RTEC's major goal is innovative development of domestic IT industry, reliable and secure operation of communication networks and IT systems in state departments, backbone industries of the Russian economy and commercial organizations. The Russian Telecom Equipment Company was founded in December 2007.  It is part of State Corporation “Rostechnologii”. The company manufactures trusted equipment certified in accordance with Russian legislation to ensure absence of undeclared features. RTEC verifies components and assembles final products at local enterprises of SC Rostechnologii.

As a system integrator Tele-Breva is specialized in customized assemblies of very different security and communication systems. We are focused on projects for public services and projects for industry. Quality, integration and IP technology are the values we stand for. For the techniques IP camera surveillance, PLC and surveillance systems, acces control, biometrics, cell and service intercom, public address, congress, fire and burglary detection, we work together with several leading partners.


Other dealers:

NICE Systems
NICE Systems is the worldwide leader of intent-based solutions which analyses and reports interactions and transactions. They realise real time insights in impact of intentions.