Public places

Our patented technology is the only audio detection technology which is based on the working of the human ear. Because of the many years of in-depth R&D that has been invested in the product, we can accurately separate sound sources and recognise different sounds, just like the human hearing system does. Our product, SIgard, is capable of distinguishing a large range of different sounds in real life situations.

Examples of these sounds are:

  • Gunshots / explosions
  • Aggression / panic screams
  • Breaking glass
  • Spray-can / graffiti detection
  • Vehicle classification
  • Car alarms


To improve public safety the number of CCTV cameras is growing fast. As a result the workload in control rooms increasesrapidly. Aggression detection ensures and improves the quality of camera surveillance. Typical locations: nightlife areas, subways, tunnels and event halls.

Download the Sound Intelligence flyer in pdf-format: