Safety on campus. It doesn't get more essential


  • Detects aggression or gunshots in real time and points to location
  • Assess and manage situation from a safe location
  • Multiple Detectors combined into one Sensor


There have been over 250 school shooting in the United States since 2013. Reports show that the average active shooter incident lasts 12 minutes. However the first calls to an emergency number don’t occur for about 3-5 minutes!

In an active shooting incident, instant communication and organized collaboration among first responders is imperative. In other words, every second counts. With a Gunshot Detector, after the first shot,  an automatic alert is sent to the proper authorities so that they can quickly intervene. Additionally, the alert will identify which location, or zone, the  incident is taking place.  

Physical violence can also pose a threat to students at school, indicating a need for aggression detection.

Sound Intelligence can actually offer a combined operating sensor that has both gunshot and aggression detection, creating a cost effective and multi-purpose solution.

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