Public Transportation

Securing Transit Areas and Vehicles


  • Prevents escalation of verbal aggression into violence
  • Easily deployed when cameras aren’t available or permitted
  • Automatic alerts sent to security staff


Within public transportation, there are several areas and vehicles that need to be secured, including platforms, ticket counters, bus stops, trains, metros and more. At night, these places are often empty and aggression against passengers and transit employees is not uncommon.

By deploying an Aggression Detector in these areas, transportation agencies can create a safer environment. Upon recognition of verbal aggression and without any action from employees or passengers, a real-time alert is sent to security personnel. The immediate notification enables authorities to respond quickly and de-scalate the situation.

Another challenge in this sector is the vast amount of space these transportation stations and vehicles cover, which all require monitoring. There may be dozens of security cameras in place where a security guard is not able to monitor each one. By deploying a sound detector with a video surveillance system, alerts will point security staff to the right camera to monitor, resulting in more efficient monitoring.

Vandalism and tagging are another significant problem for transit agencies. Institutions will spend thousands of dollars to clean or restore the property. By utilitizng a Graffiti Detector, personnel will be notified quickly when graffiti spraying is detected and able to intervene to prevent further vandalism.

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