Retail Stores

Intrusion and Aggression Detection for Any Size Retailer


  • Automatic aggression and glass break detection
  • Prevents escalation of verbal aggression into violence
  • Integrates into existing video surveillance systems
  • Adjustable sensitivity for various environments


In many ways, department stores are like communities. There is a constant flow of people in and out of the location. There are positive and negative interactions between customers, employees and executives. In the case of the latter situation, employee stress levels can increase during customer disputes or when responding to a break-in where merchandise was stolen.

Sound Intelligence’s Aggression and Glass Break Detectors provide real-time response without action from the retail staff or the public. In the case of an emergency, like aggression against employees or a shop window being broken into, an alert is immediately sent. The sound detectors can easily integrate with other surveillance and intrusion detection systems.  

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