Minimizing False Alarms and Improving Patient Care


  • Integrates into the Unicare suite of CLB, market leader in healthcare monitoring systems
  • More time to provide care
  • Better privacy for patients
  • Abuse prevention through immediate alerts
  • Cost savings through increased staff efficiency


Acoustic Monitoring for Healthcare

While acoustic monitoring increases awareness and provides early warnings of patients in duress, it can also lead to false alarms caused by environmental noise. Sounds such as flushing toilets, rain against windows, thunder, music and sirens can easily trigger alerts.

Patented Technology

Advanced Acoustic Monitoring by Sound Intelligence and CLB distinguishes which sounds warrant attention and which ones do not. This patented, state-of-the-art technology filters out irrelevant noises, reducing false alarms and improving operational efficiency. The Acoustic Monitoring System can also be set up to alert staff to specific sounds that indicate resident distress.

CLB specializes in the development, production, installation and service of innovative integrated communication and alert systems to hospitals and care homes. CLB's unique solutions help support staff to improve care quality, provide greater privacy for residents while at the same time reducing operational costs. Established in 1981 and based in the Netherlands, CLB's reputation is built on its extensive experience within the health and social care sector, as well as other industries, government and public sectors. CLB's innovative acoustic monitoring solutions monitor tens of thousands of residents in the Netherlands and have completely transformed the learning disabilities care market.


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